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Bio of Fred DeFalco

Fred DeFalco is, first and foremost, a social entrepreneur; that is his heartbeat. In his professional life, Fred is an accomplished business, organization, and personal consultant and coach. He is an acute real estate strategist, broker, and auctioneer.

Fred’s unparalleled commitment and unprecedented dedication to society, his industry, and to people in all walks of life have astounded all who know him. His commitment to help create personal, organizational, and societal success is enhanced by his dedication and passion to ensure success in every role, responsibility, and task entrusted to him.

Fred’s informal real estate career started when he was only 12 years old. In between time spent at Maryland reform schools, Fred worked with his father, fixing up run-down inner city rental properties that his father had purchased at auctions. In spite of Fred’s less than ideal surroundings and his becoming a delinquent street kid by age seven, Fred learned the importance of hard work, superior performance, and the integrity of always getting a job done no matter how hard and how many obstacles stand in the way. Even though his Italian immigrant father had completed only the third grade, had a terrible childhood, and was not skilled in fatherhood himself, he passed on to Fred his determination, passion, motivation, performance, and his solid work ethic.

Even though Fred’s official educational degrees may be lacking, his formal and informal education in business, psychology, philosophy, and theology, intertwined with his life experiences and entrepreneurship, make for a powerful combination. As a consultant and coach, Fred’s involvement in tasks and projects is always invaluable and very productive.

In 1977, at age 24, after five years of marriage, three children, and after having completed his education at night, Fred started his formal career as a real estate sales person. Working with great intensity, after only three years, he quickly became a company sales leader. The company, recognizing Fred's sales and leadership skills, asked him to open and manage a branch office in 1981 when he was only 28. Within three years, that office of 35 agents quickly became the number one branch from among the company's 13 offices. In 1984, the local company was acquired by The Sears Financial Network (Coldwell Banker) and, at the age 31, Fred was appointed regional vice president for six offices and two Financial Network Centers in local Sears’s stores. In 1986, at the age of 34, Fred was promoted to senior vice president with Coldwell Banker, and moved to Clearwater, Florida to manage the Florida West Coast Region. With his passion, his work ethic, his natural inclinations, and commitment, he surpassed all performance records set by peers in sales, management, and executive roles.

In 1989, at age 36, Fred started a consulting and coaching company. In September 1989, after his consulting project with the Arvida Corporation, of Boca Raton, Florida had ended, Fred was recruited to be their executive vice president and broker. His role was to operate a subsidiary company, Arvida Realty Sales, LTD. Within two years, Fred helped the company to grow from 58 to 180 agents and boosted its market share from 2% to 21%. In two years, the company moved from significant losses to healthy profitability. The firm quickly became instrumental in the growth of the real estate industry in South Florida; Fred shaped and implemented many changes in the local real estate market. During his seven years at the Arvida Corporation, Fred developed many unique marketing strategies, including the creation of an accelerated sales division using the auction methodology of marketing.

Within a three year period from Fred’s assuming the leadership of the company, Boca Raton’s luxury market was greatly impacted and dominated by the group. Fred and his team developed and managed the sales and marketing for numerous luxury projects along the ocean front, such as Ocean Place Estates, Presidential Place, and The Addison. In addition to the ocean front projects, Fred developed programs to capture and dominate other local projects and communities, such as the infamous Royal Palm Yacht and Country Club, Mizner Place, Mizner Village, Boca Raton Hotel Resort and Club offices, Boca West Country Club, Broken Sound Country Club, The Seasons, and many other luxury projects. Fred also handled the implementation and promotion of the Sotheby’s International Real Estate Marketing Program for South Palm Beach County, Florida.

In 1997, Fred resigned from his executive position and returned to his consulting practice and his industry roots, dealing directly with customers. He worked with and consulted for the renowned Keyes Company Realtors from 1997-2000 to expand their operations in Palm Beach County, Florida and to penetrate the luxury market. In addition to his consulting projects, he was a sales person and received national sales recognition every year, with a crowning achievement of 35 million dollars in sales for 1999.

In 2000, Fred opened DeFalco Real Estate Group. His entrepreneurial spirit expanded further to create an entire network of complementary businesses as well as a non-profit enterprise. From 2000-2005, Fred built and developed DeFalco Berman Media Group, The Real Estate TV Channel, Boca, Boca Raton Real, Domains, EZ2Rent Realty, Inc., Auction Sales Intl, WNC Media Corp., Marina Lady Inc., Mayhem Management Inc., Pamela Frederick Consultants, Scott Frederick Auctioneers, DeFalco Auctioneers/Consultants, ET, which was a Radio Program, and a non-profit organization called Encouragement Enterprises International. Fred’s investment company, Gold Coast Realty Investors LLC, built and maintained a portfolio of $20-$25 million dollars of residential and commercial property from 2000-2007.

Fred has brokered many diverse and interesting properties, ranging in price from $89,000 to $42,000,000. These properties include a sports facility, a mental health hospital, a funeral home, an airport hanger/office/warehouse complex, a 54-story office building, marinas, a condo development, and hundreds of single family homes and condos.

Since September 2007, as the result of the unprecedented economic crisis, Fred has been forced to focus and concentrate on creative restructuring, repositioning, and dismantling. Since September 2008, Fred has been acquiring an education, an awareness, and firsthand experience in solving problems related to the economic and real estate mayhem. Fred found a three-day visit to Wall Street in May 2008 and a chance to meet with many leaders of major financial institutions very enlightening. He came away with a burning desire to use his consulting and coaching skills to implement preventative and accelerated solutions for one of the biggest financial and real estate challenges since the Great Depression. The challenge and problem is not toxic assets; it is toxic thinking or toxic lack of thinking. Fred has developed accelerated solutions that work when implemented.

On a daily basis, Fred sees entrepreneurs and banks being forced out of business because of preventable economic mayhem. Both the lending institutions and the entrepreneurs’ failures to adapt quickly and make necessary changes prevent the adoption of feasible and accelerated solutions. This one area of mayhem is responsible for the toxic unemployment rate and can be fixed quickly.

Fred believes that failing entrepreneurs and the ill will being created by many lending institutions are unnecessary and toxic to all involved and to society at large. More ironic is the missed opportunity for institutions to build good will, loyalty, and profitability opportunities in the midst of this crisis. Government protocols that lenders must endure and the fact that lenders become entangled in unnecessary legal battles are fuel for the fire. The unemployment rate climbs dramatically every time entrepreneurs and banks go out of business. Instituting minor system changes would result in unemployment being cut dramatically in a very short time. In every crisis there is opportunity, and there are unprecedented opportunities for banks to grow, flourish, and become a part of the solution to this social crisis while ensuring their own preservation.

Fred consults with and assists lending institutions, entrepreneurs, regulators, and legal professionals in terms of solution-driven systems. Fred has committed himself to his consulting practice, with an undivided focus on societal transformation through his social entrepreneurship, drive, and passion to provide solutions and results for people and institutions during this current crisis.

Fred is instinctive and intuitive in his approach to achieve objectives in every assignment. His expansive and calculated approach to creative problem solving is astounding. He agrees that the current economic situation is very complex, but he knows that the solutions are being missed because they are so simple. Fred DeFalco is regarded as a walking, talking database of real estate strategies, overall problem solving strategies and systems and he is a master of accelerated implementation. 

The industry designations that Fred has earned are countless; a partial list includes: GRI: Graduate of Realtors Institute (NAR); CRS: Council of Residential Specialists (NAR); CRB: Council of Real Estate Brokerage Management (NAR); CREC: Certified Real Estate Consultant (NAR); CIPS: Certified International Property Specialist (NAR); SRES: Senior Real Estate Specialist (NAR); AARE: Accredited Auctioneers Real Estate (NAA); CES: Certified Estate Specialist (NAA); CAI Candidate: Certified Auctioneers Institute (NAA) Symbols: NAR=National Association Realtors, NAA=National Association Auctioneers.

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